As big fans of vaporizers as an investment in your health, we also really support the use of edibles to disseminate marijuana. Baking some delicious goodies and enjoying them with friends is one of our favorite afternoon activities.

It’s always funny the first time someone has our brownies and then finds out that we made them out of already vaporized pot. Try it about an hour in, once they’re starting to feel lit, and you’ll get a lot of giggles and high fives.. at least that’s what happens to us : – ).

Baking with vaporized weed is easy!

Using vaporized weed in your baking is very simple. Once you’ve vaporized your marijuana until it’s brown and time for replacement (we’ve got a comparison in the picture to the right), you can just drop it into a container and collect it.

Depending on your vaporizing frequency, you’ll build up a nice stash of vaporized weed in a month or so. At the point when you have 2 grams or more, you’ll begin  thinking about making some pot brownies or other baked goods.

At this point, all you have to do is to use the vaporized material just as you would fresh material. It won’t be as potent as the fresh material, but we’ve found that it retains a lot of efficacy, nonetheless. We’ve experimented with using both fresh and vaporized weed to make brownies and put together a bit of a chart for you for rough guidance.

The measurement guide for pot brownie recipes

That’s really all there is to baking using your vaporized weed. It’s just like using regular weed but will require some experimentation to figure out the exact right amount for you and your friends. The nice thing about using vaped weed is that everything you get out of it is sort of a bonus right? Take notes, experiment and you’ll find the baking recipes that work for you and get the most out of your weed purchases.

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